Montalbano Elicona

The village is suggestive, its houses are built on the slopes of this hill, in an uphill path that reaches the manor at 907 meters above sea level. It is a maze of lanes where time seems to have stopped in a bygone era. The castle is municipal property, today it is in excellent condition, after having undergone long restoration works that make it usable in all environments. The Museum of Arms has recently been established and the center for the development of the medieval village.

Montalbano Elicona has a population of 2,500 inhabitants and has been included in the list of the 90 most beautiful medieval villages in Italy. Among the churches of artistic interest, it is worth mentioning the Basilica of Maria Assunta in cielo (Duomo) with its works of art.

The woods of the surrounding territory, the oriented Reserve of Malabotta, preserve a real mysterious treasure, a series of megaliths, which due to their size and shape could be prehistoric astronomical symbols. The rock formations of the Argimusco plateau are natural and already in ancient times they made this area a sacred place, where propitiatory rites were consumed.

Via Spine Sante 188
98051 - Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto (ME)