Taormina, south of Messina, on the eastern coasts, is one of the most famous cities, internationally, of the Sicilian island. Between sea and mountains the landscape and the marine beauties follow one another and are enough to enchant the numerous visitors, but there is more. There are historical monuments, there is good food, there are beautiful buildings and important National Events.
To make it even more enjoyable, there is a good climate, mild even in winter. The origins of this wonderful city date back to 700 BC, as documented by the work Bibliotheca Historica by Diodoro Siculo.

The history of Taormina reflects that of the island in which it is located, a history made of changes of power, made up of diversity of cultures, encounters and clashes: Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Swabians, French and Spanish.

The charm of history that blends with the beautiful landscapes in giving life to a city that has traveled around the world thanks to its fame. From a village of fishermen and peasants, soon the Sicilian city became the home of wealthy bourgeois, traders and builders. In the second post-war period it was enlarged, numerous hotels were built and the characters known to the public, nobles, politicians, writers, began to frequent it, the sweet Roman life created a direct line with the Sicilian city.

Via Spine Sante 188
98051 - Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto (ME)